Chart Desktop — Release 2.0.4

Ravenbrook Chart implements layout and interactive display of large, complex graphs. It has been deployed in mature applications and as a free web service to visualise graphs. It is available free of charge from this site as a permissively licensed Windows library.

This page contains the download links for Chart 2.0.4.


 Parent Directory -  
 Microsoft.VC80.CRT/ -     Runtime libraries used by Chart
 chart.dll 26M    The Chart DLL
 examples/ -     Code examples
 include/ -     C header file
 manual/ -     Full documentation
 pyChart/ -     Example Python interface
 release-notes/ -     Installation guide and release notes
 samples/ -     Some sample graphs

Making Chart happen

We'd love to be able to bring you further improvements to Chart.

We want Chart to remain free of charge for all its users.

We welcome funding. Without it we cannot continue working on this.

We are happy to accept donations via this Paypal link. If you would like to fund us to focus on specific issues, or if you wish to purchase a formal support contract, please get in touch first.